Friday, January 19, 2007

DVD: 1, Zan: 0

I did the West End Workout dvd as planned today, or rather I did the first of the 30 mintue workout on there. It kind of kicked my ass a little but I enjoyed it. The put all the moves together quite quickly so I fumbled a couple of times but the more I do it the better I'll get. The result was very 'Chicago' though so that was fun. I'll try the second one tomorrow.

I didn't go to town (again! I is lazy) but it's okay. I was going to get the other dvd but I think I'll work on this one until I get bored and then go for another, the prices will come down after the resolution craze anyhway.

I checked the scale today and I had gone down so yesterday was just a blip like I thought, I'll be interested to see if adding the workout makes much of a difference to the scale reading. I can't decide if I want to have an official 'weigh-in' day on top of my checks, I suppose it would give me a more concrete view of how much I'm losing...


lisa jane said...

surely it should be dvd 1 you 1 as well.Dont you get a point for doing the dvd?

Zanitta said...

Hee, until the dvd doesn't kick my ass anymore I'm giving it the round.