Thursday, January 18, 2007

I is Dum

I have decided to forget the gym in favour of exercise DVD's until I feel more comfortable, so in a flash of motivation I went onto and decided to order Jennifer Ellison's West End Workout and Latinasize (I got hooked on Strictly Come Dancing while it was on TV and she was one of the professional partners). I got my email confirmation today that the item had shipped and realised I had accidental sent it to an old university address of mine instead of my current one.

Cue Panic.

I called amazon and they said once it's posted they can't get it back, however if the people at the address refuse to sign for the package it will get sent back to the warehouse and I will get a full refund. I then have to go hunt up my old landlord's phone number and call him for the first time in two years to explain that I'm an idiot and could he please ask the current tenants to refuse the parcel.

I think tomorrow I'll just walk up to town and buy the DVD's instead of reordering. Seems safer somehow...