Monday, January 22, 2007

Good Morning

I woke up this morning and stepped on the scale to discover that not only was I back down from those little fluctuations but I had lost nearly two pounds! Go me!

It got me thinking about my calorie intake and checking my old fitday logs. Last week I was eating lower calories then I think I should have been. I thought I was a little low, but then I was still losing little amounts so I ignored it, assuming I should just be eating less than I first anticipated, I wasn't hungry anyway so there was no point in changing. Then this week I started stalling then fluctuating a little and ate a bit more the last couple of days (nothing drastic, but instead of being 12-1300 I was just under 1600). The result? no change yesterday but a bigger drop today, putting me at 10lbs down since I started and on track to lose 20 by March 1st (my first mini-goal).

Me likey.

So that's nice, I get to eat more food. I also felt much better this morning in terms of cravings. It must of just been a bad two days and I'm proud to say I didn't do anything too damaging during them (even though I really really wanted to).

Okay. Time for breakfast and the West End Workout. I finally bought latinasize yesterday, but I want to master at least part of the one I'm doing now before starting another.


jeannie* said...

Being allowed to eat more food is always a good thing... at least in my mind it is. haha.

lisa jane said...

Its annoying when there is so much food about.It was like that in our house after new years,it wasnt even food I liked but because it was easy,and there, i kept eating it.How stupid is that eating stuff that i dont even really like?

so i chucked the wholelot in the bin.

yay for eating more i say YAY.I hear more and more bloggers saying this lately,the need to tinker to get the right calorie intake.We always think that less =more but sometimes it's just not so :)

Zanitta said...

Luckily most the food is gone now, though the dreaded ginger cake is still lurking.