Sunday, January 14, 2007

Magically delicious

Food-wise the day passed with all but the most minor of hiccups. Said hiccup being that I forgot to take a nectarine to work tonight so I could eat it at break, but I had a big bowl of cereal before going out so it just meant I was quite hungry when I got home. Work was absolutely rammed owing to the fact that Tesco was closed due to a fire in an electrical sub-station nearby this afternoon. If the amount of customers I saw when I got there at five is any indication, then Sainsbury's must have made a packet today! It was nice to get home, sit down and have a meal.

Speaking of it, I made a gorgeous sweet and sour chicken for dinner today. I used half a jar of sweet/sour cooking sauce my sister got from Tesco (shhhh though, Sainsbury's will hear. And kill me for the betrayal. Though in my defense I bought everything else from Sainsbury's I swear!). I sliced some green and yellow peppers, a small onion, a few chunks of fresh pinaeapple, and some chicken breast that I got on offer, then stuck it all in a pan and simmered. Some rice noodles on the side and I was extremely happy.

It was a big meal (though thankfully I don't have that 'dropped to the bottom of my stomach and trying to kill me' feeling that I would get with one of my old type of meals), in the future I'll probabaly go for smaller portions or add more veg and just hold the noodles, it worked for today though. I wouldn't usually have such a big portion for dinner as I don't finish work until 10pm, so don't usually end up eating util 10:45-ish. Knowing the general concensus is that eating late night is the devil's work to dieters everywhere I may try having my main meal for lunch before work from now on, then just limit myself to a bowl of cereal or something else small when I get in at night.