Thursday, January 18, 2007

Motoring along

There was a slight fluctuation on the scale today, but then I was way under on calories yesterday and I don't think I drank quite enough water so that is to be expected. I weigh myself everyday too (boo hiss, I know) so I'm not going to freak out every time the results wobble, and at 0.2lbs up it was a wobble.

Re: My last post I planned to go into town and get my dvd's today, however I woke up to wind and cold and dad cleaning downstairs. I need privacy to work out, I don't like the pressure of someone watching me exercise. He's gone back to work for a couple of hours now but I have to go to Sainsbury's to get some lamb for his tea. A month with his Ukrainian girlfriend visiting has left him wanting traditional roast dinner - he's a creature of habit my dad. I, on the other hand, will be having my last chicken breast, possibly with a baked potato I haven't decided yet. They may sell the West End Workout there though, so I might still be able to get it.

If not I'll drag my old exercise bike into my room and pedal while watching some TV.


Anonymous said...

Tiny scale fluctuations are nothing to worry about. Let us know how you like the workout dvd. I was thinking of buying one for myself. Those cookies in your photo look so delicious.

Zanitta said...

I ended up getting one of the DVD's but I haven't tried it yet (will have to tomorrow). I know what you mean about the cookies though! I'm thinking of changing the picture because everytime I click onto the page I have a homer simpson moment and think 'mmm... cookies'. The walk away the pounds dvds are good if you haven't tried them?