Saturday, February 10, 2007

And the beat goes on

Today still wasn't that great, but it was much calmer. I ate too much, but in an 'extra potion of roast chicken' kind of a way, rather than a 'desperately stuff cake in your mouth so fast for so long that you wanna throw up and die' kind of a way. An improvement I think (even if just a little one).

My weight did indeed go up after yesterday. At first by a rather terrifying 3 lbs, but then I tried again a couple of hours later (still before eating) and it was 240.2. I think that's about right as I figured out from the extra calories I would be anything from 0.5-1 lbs up.

More food pics! Aren't you the lucky one. This was chicken, swede and carrot mash, and steamed vegetables with gravy. The best thing about this was that it was ready in 5 minutes. The chicken came from the hot food counter, the mash was bought, as were the steamed veg. I microwaved the mash for 3 mins and the steamed veg in this special pack for two, very useful when you've just walked home in the snow and want your food, like, now.


thefatbattle said...

That recipe looks yum! Looks very healthy!