Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Not Dead

With me being busy and going back and forth to london I just haven't updated. Here is a run-down of my interview:

I arrived in good time (we were told to get there half hour before), was put through security, and surrendered my mobile phone to the receptionist before being sent into a large room with glass walls to wait.

I'm the only one in the room. This does not help my nervousness.

A woman come in and introduces herself; she is an ex-jet who did the programme for two years. I'm taken through to another room to do a spelling/grammar test (you're given 5 minutes to complete it and then she tells you when time is up) and taken the other side of a barrier to watcht he video. As she puts on the tape she chats to me and tells me that I won't be able to ask questions in the interview due to time constraints but I can ask her some now if I like, so we talk for a few minutes. She then leaves to bring another person around to the test area, after which she takes me to the interview room.

Okay, I'm not positive, but it's possibly she may have been a 'secret' third interviewer, in the way that she'll probabaly share her impressions with the people that actually questioned me.

She led me down a long corridor to sit in a chair outside the door of the office I will be interviewed in and draws my attention to a sign that tells me I'm not allowed to go anywhere without an escort on pain of getting my application thrown out. I mentally glue myself to the chair. A girl (just finishing her interview) comes out as I'm told I'm not allowed to speak with the next applicant waiting after I come back out, and to wait and the end of the corridor if anyone is there for her to come back and take me downstairs. I'm making this sound quite harsh but she was actually really friendly and nice, she did her best to calm my nerves.

I get called in and there are only two people behind the table, not three like I thought (hence my 'secret interviwer' theory). One is another female ex-jet, one is a japanese male who works in the embassy. I may have lucked out because while they didn't give much away, they both seemed reasonably nice and not like they were actively trying to intimidate me.

Some of the things I got asked:

You requested Matsusaka, why? (I have a friend who lives there)
Does this mean you will only work in big cities? (no)
Would you have a problem if we put you in a very small town in a rural area?
How would you cope if no one else in that town spoke japanese?
How would you present youself to your students? (not a self-intro)
How would you explain the UK to you students?
What if you couldn't use pictures?
What's the difference between the UK and Great Britain? (I fumbled a little due to nerves but it was pretty much my only mishap)
Who is the Prime minister of Japan?
What are some current news stories in Japan (YES! I've been reading the Daily Yoimuri for 4 months for that question!)
(having spoken about the redefinition of what can be used as punishment in class) What would you do if you saw a teacher hit a student?
What would you do if you had plans and had booked tickets etc. and your principal asked you to do something for the school instead?
If you had to create a club after school (not english) what would it be?
If you couldn't create a club, but had to choose one, what would it be?

There may have been a couple more that I am not thinking of now, finally they said for the last 20 seconds is there anything you want to tell us or let us know that we haven't got already.

I shook their hands and thanked them, then stood at the end of the corridor while the first woman explained to the new candidate that she couldn't wander (he promised he wouldn't and looked kind of green).

Hee, once we rounded the corner where he couldn't see she got all friendly again and asked me how it went. I told her I didn't know if I got it or not but that I think I gave the best interview I could give so the rest was up to them. She said my attitude was great and that she was a wreck when she came out of her interview!