Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am Zan, I break stuff

Guess what I did yesterday? (yes, I know, it could be a long game) I washed my cell phone! I forgot to check my pockets before washing my jeans so it went through the wash cycle; much fun! I have just got a new phone from ebay as I think I can save the SIM card inside so I just need a new handset. The old one is now dead, gone to phone heaven and is enjoying it's new life reincarnated as a toaster.

Also, while panicking and trying to get my jeans out of the washing machine the handle from the washer door broke off in my hand. I am freaking slightly. Dad has been away for the last few days and will be back friday and will FLIP when he hears, so I'm calling the repair people tomorrow and hoping that I can get them to come and fix it before he gets back. The mechanism still works as I can wedge a knife in the place of the handle and it pops open just like before so it's just surface damage, I imagine that general wear and tear left the handle weak and it just happened now. Even knowing this I would have much rather it have been dad who broke it. I tried supergluing it back together so that when dad goes to open the door and it breaks it will look like his fault, but I don't think (excuse the pun) that that's going to wash somehow.

I also messed up the surround sound on the TV about an hour ago because my thumb caught the wrong button on the remote, but I've managed to fix that.

I got a shiny new laptop a week or so ago that I am now TERRIFIED TO TOUCH because apparently there is a rule today that everything I lay a finger on disintegrates.


Janey said...

Days like that just happen to us all. Tey're a pain 'tho!

love the plan to superglue the handle and make your dad think he broke it - very sneaky!!!!!

Zanitta said...

hee, I thought so, I felt very clever, unfortunately it didn't work though.