Sunday, March 11, 2007

Okay Okay, lesson learned

Hmm, so, a few days without posting. That's unusual for me.

The reason for my temporary absence is simple, I had nothing to say. Life has been very rinse/lather/repeat of late and so I thought I'd give the journal a chance to breathe for a moment or two.

The problem with this I think though, is that I stopped doing everything. I didn't read other blogs, leave comments etc at all. I found myself (in an unsurprising parallel) slipping almost immediately. I've mentioned before I'm very all or nothing when it comes to this whole thing, so while I didn't fall in the last day or two there has definitely been a skid here or there. I guess in the end I need to be able to write things down to keep them focused in my head.

The moral to this story children? I'm going to have to keep chugging away with the blog, even if some posts end up being nothing more than the 'what I ate for breakfast log' that I hate reading so much. I have no problem seeing food lists (I like pictures too, I'm talking to you Lisa Jane) but I like there to be actual content here or there.


S C, aka Tubby said...

Personally, I like the "what I ate for breakfasts" type posts almost as much as a normal post. I'm such a food voyeur.

Good luck getting back on track with everything!

metamorphose said...

Well as much as I like to think you blog just for readers like myself, it's your own medium, created for your own purposes. So no worries if it gets all "Whoo-hoo Carrots!" :)