Monday, March 05, 2007


I weighed myself this morning after the week at my mum's and it would seem I am justly punished, leading to me having to log a measly 0.6lb loss for the month. This is sad.

Oh well, I am back on track now. I have good feelings about March, March is going to do well in my book.


Mal said...

Walking into my parents' house is like walking into a wall of food so I definitely empathize.

Don't be so very hard on yourself for the .6 loss. It's a loss! You're headed in the right direction, regardless of how fast or slow you are moving down the road.

metamorphose said...

March is going to be a fantastic month -for everyone, I can feel it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your blog from the fatfighterblogs directory. I am getting ready to take a trip home to see my mom and dad and I am so worried about my weight gain while I'm there so it's funny you posted this.

I've lost 61 pounds so far and I just know a trip home is going to pack part of it back on. Thank goodness I only go back once a year.

I look forward to reading your blog, even the boring check ins!