Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stephen Sondheim, come narrate my life

I'm leaving my mum's early tomorrow morning to go back to my dad's. This will mean back to home, back to work, back to my own kitchen, and hopefully back under control.

(Back to life, back to sense,
Back to child, back to husband,
you can't live in the woods...)

I keep saying that. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn't. I think I just get so sick of worrying about everything I put in my mouth, or could put in my mouth, or thought of maybe possibly one day putting in my mouth (noooo! the guilt!). I'm hoping that one day every food choice won't be either a moral dilemma, or require a degree in accounting in order to factor it into my day.

(There are vows, there are ties,
There are needs, there are standards,
There are shouldn'ts and shoulds)

Does anyone else find some of this stuff exhausting? Not the shop/prepare/cook/clean daily grind aspect, but mentally. The constant reminding yourself to do this this and this while doing the number of other things. The constant mental arithmetic of factoring calories in and out as you go about your business. Stuff you're not aways aware you're doing but can't quite stop.


Chubby and Tubby said...

I've been counting calories and obsessing about food for 10 years, and I do find it very exhausting.