Friday, April 20, 2007

And back I come

Has anyone else noticed how much easier it is to eat salad and fruit when it's warm outside? I would worry about these uncharacteristic bursts of healthy food, but I doubt it will last long wnough to do me any permenant damage. Great Britain has been enjoying a few of the ten or so days of good weather we seem to be allotted annually and I have been celebrating this happy time by keeping the Sainsbury's salad bar profit margin afloat via my lunchtime selections.

Sadly, this has had little effect on my waistline, as I have also been keeping the profit margins of several confectionary companies afloat via my nighttime selections. The seesaw on which my scale produces it's regular tap-dancing extravaganza is currently in perfect balance.

Could be worse I suppose.


The Angry Fat Woman said...

I have noticed that it's easier to think healthy when the sun is shining and the weather is warm!

For me, however, it's also a time of anxiety-ridden guilt. I won't wear shorts. ever.

I like your blog! I can related to many things you've posted.