Monday, April 02, 2007

I 'aint no April Fool

As you can see from the sidebar, I have no official weigh in this month. This is because I've had a bad month and I wanted to give myself a second (third, fourth) chance. Between you and me, I stepped on the scale briefly the a few days ago to have a rough start mark for my diet pill experiment, and saw a rather scary number. It's come down since to an (only slightly) more acceptable 241.something-or-other.

(Because of the pills? I can't decide! I've only been taking them a couple of days and I want to give them a good two or three weeks to see if they really are helping or if I'm just having a few lucky numbers come up)

I'm feeling a little calmer since (possible because of) my last food related vent. Maybe because I am taking the pills now I feel like I'm at least trying to take control of my eating, even if my method isn't ideal. The head hunger as well as the physical one doesn't seem to be clawing me as much.

By indulging in the miserable self-pity of my return entry I didn't tell you any of the good things that have happened in the month I was away. I got a shiny new laptop, it's not the Samsung Q35 I was going to get, it is a Samsung (an R40) but for the difference in specs I couldn't justify paying the extra £400 (approx $750 US I guess). I got a new wig a couple of weeks ago two, same colour (a deep reddish-chestnutty shade) and only a slightly different style. My old one was on it's last legs so the texture wasn't very good, but this one is really sleek and pretty.

Abby celebrated her third birthday in March. I may actually die if I see her and she gets any cuter.


Clo said...

good luck on your efforts this month!