Friday, April 27, 2007

Okay, most the time it IS about me.

The Easter eggs were indeed all eaten, because my willpower is good like that. I had a particularly classy moment when I woke up about 5:30am after dozing off in front of my laptop when I realised that a piece of chocolate had broken off, fallen underneath me as I rolled onto my stomach to type and melted between my skin and the quilt cover. Read that sentence again and then take a moment to contemplate exactly how much you totally want to be me.

I'm not feeling too bad about the chocolate though. My calories have been really low the last few of days (I'm thinking possibly due to the fact that I am not awake for many of the daylight hours and then go straight to work,) so while I'm sure my fat/sugar percentages were utterly screwed for the day I don't actually think I was so completely over my calories for the days.

I'm going to have a final push for the last few days of April and try and get 235 on the scale again before the month is over and it is time for my 'official' weight-in. If I don't I'm not going to stress overly much about it though because unless I start drip feeding myself warm lard until the 30th I should be posting a good loss. Better yet, considering my Feb and March, a loss. Period.


janey100 said...

Good job with the positive attitude Zanitta! I really do think for me keeping my mind in check...not an easy task...helps me keep my actions (eating) in check. You were too funny with your comment about the chocolate, by the way. I hadn't really fully taken in what you said and then the next line sent me back to re-read the previous line....cracked me up. Not in a making fun of you way, just an oh-I-so-relate kind of way. Good luck with that next weigh-in...I'm sure it will be great news!

Zanitta said...

hee, thanks janey, hopefully it will be. Yeah, I was especially proud of myself waking up with not only melted chocolate down my side but smeared over the quilt cover too. What can I say; I'm a classy bird.

honib1 said...

great positive post... the chocolate bit got me... hmm sleeping in chocolate.. there is a thought.. chocolate mattresses... chocolate sheets.. wow.. chocolate chairs.. hmmmm... okay..enough lol... great post..