Thursday, May 03, 2007

Damage Report

So, the day after weigh-in has a history of not being a successful one. Yesterday was no exception.

The day after I don't take my pills to give my body a bit of a break; I don't want my body to adapt to them and then need more. This means I tend to get hungrier (or to notice my hunger more). I don't usually worry about it too much because I have the whole month to recover from any blips on the scale, and if I'm going to have a 'free' day, then that's the day to do it.

Yesterday was especially bad though.

I should have eaten something before going to work. I don't have a traditional morning breakfast as I tend to go to bed in the very early morning about 5-ish) and then sleep through, but I should have had something to 'break-fast' before working, be it at home or at work. I was running late so I didn't. I did eat an apple-cinnamon-pastry lattice thing at break.

Something I noticed though! I had a pounding headache after my break. a properly pounding headache. Thinking back over the last week or so I haven't really eaten much refined sugar so maybe that was it? Not that it stopped me from eating a lot more of it but never mind. By the time I went to bed my daily menu consisted of 2 apply lattices, cheesy shepard's pie with peas and gravy, some custard, a mug of tea and a pack of 4 chocolate chip cookies (UK peeps, you know the ones I mean, the bags you get from the bakery section in supermarkets).

The one good thing from looking back at that list is that no matter what the water weight may say from a calorie point of view there is no way I've gained more than a pound from that (and I'm being generous, probably half a pound once you factor in approximately how many calories I should be eating a day anyhow). I can handle that. Giving myself a day or two isn't the end of the world providing I don't start injecting myself with butter or something.


Christine said...

Stumbled on your blog and wanted to say hi. Fighting the same fight as you and wanted to send some encouragement your way!