Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Day 2

I have decided I like rye bread much better when it's toasted. The taste surprised me, not nearly as bad as expected, but I think it's the texture that freaks me out a bit. Whenever it says 'rye bread' in the book now I'm just going to toast it, I can't see that making a huge difference to the health benefits, can you? Today's menu:

Breakfast: Slice of toasted rye bread w/olive oil spread and honey, portion of fruit
Lunch: Carrot and coriander soup (yum!), slice rye bread, fruit
Dinner: The bean thing (leftover from yesterday).

It'll be nice to have dinner ready in the fridge for me when I get back, which will help me not be tempted with other less healthy things.

I nipped on the scale quickly and I'm a pound above my last official weigh in. This isn't actually so bad because it means if I'm careful I could post a small loss this month, something I didn't think would be possible a week or so ago. A lot of the scary weigh in must have been bloat from unhealthy food and TOM I reckon, else it wouldn't have come off this fast.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

I love toasted rye, but for some reason I just can't bear something sweet on it, jam or jelly or fruit spread. I think it's cause I buy the caraway seeded one, and those seeds seem to clash with my fruit spreads. Hmmm.

Love beans! Have black bean soup for today's lunch. Mmmm.


Sarah said...

I love rye bread too. I have a hard time finding it in holland but when I do it's hard not to eat the whole darned loaf!

Such a small amount of food. It makes me hungry for you!

Christine said...

I love toasted rye bread as well - I do have alot of trouble choking it down dry. :) Hope you're holding out well!

Anonymous said...
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