Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 6

A lazy Sunday was just what I needed. No one was at home when I woke up so I've had the house to myself, and have most of my time on my laptop and listening/dancing to the music channels. Looking at the time now I hadn't realised how late it was (ever since we put the clocks forward the light outside has been tricking me) and I should probably make dinner. Now that I've thought that my stomach is making noises.

I haven't been following the book properly. I just get too lazy or tired to do all the cooking for the evening meal so it's become pretty much a soup, fruit and porridge diet. It's still tasty, still healthy, and (according to the scale) still working, so I'm not hugely worried about it but I think I'm going to make a proper meal tonight instead of going the easy route.

I started learning some hiragana today (one of the Japanese alphabets). My time would probably be better spent learning how to ask for directions and if there is a toilet nearby, but I don't want to become dependant on romanji. For those of you not in the know, romanji is when Japanese words are written using the roman (western) alphabet. I'm worried that if I don't start memorizing the hiragana and katakana alphabets first then I'll find it a lot harder to learn to read and write in Japanese when I finally start learning it properly. I want to be able to more than just speak it you know?

Ugh. Tomorrow is a bank holiday and I'm working. I wasn't supposed to be, but because I needed Wednesday off to go get my medical done I'm having to make up the time somewhere.


Christine said...

As long as you are conscience of what you are eating each day - you are following it! :) It sounded like a tough one to follow from the beginning and I give you a pat on the back for sticking with it and making the modifications that work for you! Take care.