Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 7

A very wet and very cold bank holiday to you all. I've been working today so it wasn't really a holiday for me, but never mind.

I had chicken curry on a small baked potato for my lunch today, owing to the fact that I overslept and forgot to grab some food on the way out. As choices go in our canteen it could have been worse, though it did kind of stomp of the no meat idea my book seemed to be giving. I think it may be time to face facts and realise that it may not have been the plan for me (among other things I'm a little too much of a carnivore and my lifestyle just isn't regular enough to do it right).

I am very happy I tried it though, and will keep it in mind whenever I need to centre myself again, as I feel much more in control of myself now then I did. Before I did seem to be floundering and unable to get away from the feeling of being trapped in a downward spiral. Funny how your perceptions of things can change in a week.

It feels like longer.


Sarah said...

Are you stopping with the Detox plan then?

It sounded really tough so I don't blame you at all. 2 weeks is a long ass time to modify your diet so strictly but maybe you at least got a couple decent meal ideas from it!

Zanitta said...

Not completely, but I'm taking the elements I think work for me from it, and fusing them into my way of eating. that way it won't be quite so strict, but it will still improve my meals.