Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A dilemma

I've been busy with work today and so haven't eaten much and now I'm hungry. The problem is that it's nearly quarter to one in the morning as I type this so I don't really want to eat anything now as I'm typing this from bed and anything I eat will literally just be sitting in my stomach and not digesting properly all night. Not to mention that it will throw off my morning weigh in, but that's not such a big deal as I know it's not 'real' weigh. The bottomless pit that lives in my stomach is growling disapproval for contemplating not dropping something in it. I may just try to distract myself with the computer and then sleep it off.

Tomorrow is train day. I'm getting the 11.27 from my local station, then the 12.24 from Birmingham, followed by the 15.48 from Ely. I get stuck in the little nothing station at Ely for an hour because I miss the train by 5 minutes on my connection. Luckily my mum said she finishes college at 16.30 so she can pick me up from Downham Market (the closest station to my house) and take me to the health centre. It saves me £20 (about... $38?) on a taxi fare so that made me quite happy, but I do worry that I'll be late for my appointment. Mum isn't known for her punctuality, and I don't want to risk being late and not getting it done as I have to have the form in by the 8th on pain of losing my job.

I'm really hoping I get lucky and they don't end up charging me to do this. If they can do it during the appointment then they may just class it as an appointment and not a service so no charge. I'm really trying to save my pennies right now, something that hasn't been helped by the fact that I ordered my Japanese textbook and audio CD today, £30 each! And that was the cheapest price, bought from Japan Centre. AND I have to buy my train ticket tomorrow.

Sigh. It's been an expensive day.

I meant to make some chicken/peppers and rice to put in a box for lunch tomorrow and I've only just remembered. I'm not doing it now, I'll just end up eating it. That would make me sad (but The Pit happy).


Grumpy Chair said...

Zanitta, how great about the Japan teaching position!!! Congratulations to you. I'm truly excited for you!

I'm just now getting caught up with the blogs I read (busy weekend). I really enjoyed reading your latest posts.

Good luck tomorrow!

Christine said...

ARgh, my stomach is growling right now too. I am a night owl and its really hard for me not to munch. I seem to come alive after 11pm - and I stop eating after supper - so growl growl growl. Take care!