Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Zan with a Plan

My little sister gave me a detox book for my birthday, and I've decided to give it a try. Usually I tend to do my own thing with my food, with so much info out there I never know what to follow so I just figure that 'eat less lard/sugar and more fruit/veg' is a good way to go. If I try to keep on any kind of 'plan' for extended period of time I always end straying from it. I have no loyalty that way, I promise fidelity and then run off to have a torrid affair with my boyfriend Cadbury during my lunch break.

I don't know if this is going to be any different. The one thing I do like is that it's a 14 day plan so we're not looking at a long term relationship here (I have commitment issues), but I'm willing to have a fling.

Another problem I have with 'plans' is the sheer amount of time and effort everything takes. I mean, come on, who really has the time or patience to fillet the freshly caught line trout and marinate it in the baby duck's tears overnight? This book has recipes for all the items on the menus it gives you, so I took it to the supermarket and got all the shopping for the next couple of days (I work at a supermarket so I'm not going anymore in advance than that, no point using old 'fresh' produce). I'm not sure yet if actually having to make these things is going to drive me mad or not yet, we'll see.

The big thing I have to remember is that it's just two weeks. Two Weeks. I can do anything for two weeks. The fact that there is an end may help to keep me sane.

Tomorrow's (Day 1) Menu:

Breakfast: Porridge with raisins and apricots
Lunch: Slice of rye bread (or other non-wheat bread), hummus, crudites, 1 potion fresh fruit
Evening meal: Bean Provencale with black olives, 3 tablespoons cooked brown rice, orange and kiwi fruit salad
Snacks: 4 Brazil nuts, 1 banana

I've made a couple of tweaks to the menu, I hate olives so I'm not putting it in the bean thing they're getting me to make, and I don't like nuts so I'll have a different snack. Other than that I'm sticking with it though. If I remember I'll post pictures of the meals tomorrow.

I stepped on the scale briefly yesterday (after seeing a truly horrible number the day before), luckily finishing my period and giving my body a couple of days break from junk showed me a much more acceptable (though still a little higher than my April WI) number. After literally eating myself sick (I woke up the day after my birthday feeling really ill, I may not have been sick but it was a close thing, the start of TOM was making an already bad feeling much worse) I drank lots of water and just ate a little fruit for a couple of days. I wouldn't usually say 'don't eat' is a good strategy, but I really couldn't stomach the thought of food. I'm back to 'normal' now though.


Christine said...

I did a detox prior to my wedding and it really thru me for a loop. Of course I lost weight - it was tough though. I didn't realize all the crap that I craved. The sugars, the carbs..and not being able to have those during the detox was a test of strength! Would love if you would keep us updated as often as you can. Your body will feel so different each and every day.

Zanitta said...

I can imagine it was difficult, I think the thing I'm going to miss most is actually going to be meat.

Lora said...

Another awesome book - also with a 14 day plan (and much MORE food as well as better for you!)

The de-tox thing is not all it's cracked up to be...

The book? "You -On a Diet." I'm following it and it's working and I feel really great!

Zanitta said...

I've heard of that! It just happened that I got this one for my birthday so I thought I'd give it a try, I wasn't really looking for a detox plan particularly. I don't think detox's are that much fun but I don't mind doing a short program if it helps give my body a shake up.

Anonymous said...

That seems like so little food. Kudos to you if you can stick to it. I hope this isn't one of those "jumpstarts" that I blogged about a while back. :o)

What "toxins" is it supposed to be getting out of your system? I've never read a detox book so I honestly have no idea.

Zanitta said...

hee, no, not a jump start as such. Just something a little more regimented to get back into the swing of things as my usual 'figure it out myself' routine isn't working. Though I don't think it's going to hurt my body too much to give it a break from saturated fat and processed sugar for a couple of weeks.

honib1 said...

me and my ignorant self wants to know.. is porridge the same thing has oatmeal???

Zanitta said...

yes it is, it's just the british word for it.