Friday, June 01, 2007

All pounds are not created equal

Today was unexpectedly good, considering it ended with 5 hours on the train. I saw my little sister (OMG THE CUTENESS, expect a picture soon) and went shopping in Kings Lynn. Where I made the exciting discovery that I seem to have gone down a size (or two?).

I don't quite understand it as last week I hadn't really noticed much difference. I think I must just have passed that magical one or two pounds that makes the difference, the threshold if you will.

When mum came down to see me for my birthday we didn't have a very good day. I was on the first day of the worst period I'd had in a long time, bloated as all get out, feeling somewhat sick from the curry I'd eaten the night before, and was decidedly snappish all day. My bad mood not being helped by the fact that we were on a time limit so I didn't want to waste it looking at clothes I couldn't fit into and feeling bad, so mum's announcement of 'it may not fit you but it will fit me' before going into almost every store I didn't want to go into (because she needed to buy an outfit for something) was making me feel not a little worthless. Today was the day that my birthday shop should have been I think.

When you shop there are sizes and there are sizes, because sizes, like pounds, are not created equal. An Evans (think British Lane Bryant) size 20 and a high-street size 20 are definitely not the same thing. So imagine my surprise when I go into New Look and try on a pair of size 20 trousers and there too big.

The non-fat store size is too big? Que? Suddenly shopping is a new adventure.

I broke the cardinal rule of dieter's shopping though. I bought the 18 with the intention of 'slimming into it'. I know, I know, but I am reallysuperthisclose to having it fit nicely and with Japan looming there is no way I'm coming off the diet but I need clothes, so there we go. (I also bought this dress even though it was a little small for me, because I had drooled over it at my local shop (where the biggest size they had was an 8) and dammit if I have to lop off a limb I will fit into it one day before Japan!).

Expect an official weight tomorrow. Even if the poundage loss isn't huge, the ones that have disappeared seem to have been important.


Tamera said...

Yeah Zan! Love the dress btw!

Christine said...

Very very nice! Looking forward to the weigh in and the cute pictures! :) Take care.

TĂȘtue said...

That dress is ADORABLE!

Sizes, unfortunately, are not created equal. I have two pairs of jeans that fit pretty much the same from the same store but they're two different sizes. Go fig.

You can totally reach your goal before Japan! Go go go!

Amy said...

dude, shop like a madwoman before you go. my sister is a larger size and she lived in japan for ten years, she bought every stitch of clothing in the US or UK or through the mail. clothes and esp. shoes will be a pain to find in the right sizes.

that was supposed to be perkier. have fun shopping!