Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am so penniless right now.

I've just come back from Tesco of all places, and bought some really nice clothes. I need a load of teaching clothes (casual-business rather than full dress suit) for Japan but I'm really poor at the moment (WHY DID I BUY A NINTENDO DS YESTERDAY? My lack of self control extends to more than just food). I spent far too much money, about £80 I think, but for that I got two pairs of trousers, two tops, a cardigan, and a gorgeous dress (another one!). I wasn't going to get the dress but the sales girl was far too good at her job! We had a conversation at the checkout where she happened to mention that today was the last day in the dress promotion so it was 20% off, and that for every £30 I spent I got £6 off so the £40 dress actually ended up costing me £26.

Shopping seems exciting again. Not just shopping, but going into a regular store and having choice. Okay, I'm not a size 16 or anything, but it was nice not to just have 3 frumpy black, red or white tops hanging sad and neglected in the corner. If I get a chance I'll do a picture post for the tops. I'm tempted to try on my pink dress again, but I don't think it's going to fit yet so I'll just end up making myself feel bad after a nice night.

I was in a pasta mood today when I cooked dinner. The lasagna I made for dad was tempting but I restrained myself. I made a much healthier version of a pasta bake, and it was really tasty and very easy:

Boil some wholewheat pasta.
In a pan, mix a can of Campbell's condensed mushroom soup (undiluted), half a can of sweetcorn, a can of drained tuna, and some water (how thick you have the sauce is up to you, so water amounts differ). You can add any other veg in you like. Mix in the pasta, put it in a tray, top it with a little cheese and bake it in the oven until crunchy on top.

Niiice. I wish I'd got batteries for my camera so I could take a picture. I ate it with salad.


morbidly obtuse said...

I know what you mean about the clothes. I'm tired of buy clothes this size, so as soon as I loose a full dress size I'm going to treat myself to a brand new dress! I usually feel really guilty for spending money on myself, but I've decided that loosing a dress size and I will have deserved it! I've still got plenty of clothes from one size lower than I am now. So once I UNgrow those, then I'll treat myself to a whole new outfit (or two) and a good belt. When I can shop in the misses department, it will probably be time to dip into savings a bit, so I'll have things that fit!

and thanks for the recipe!

Iain said...

Just think of the money you've saved. A bit of a treat never did no-one no harm. I think you deserve one.

Lauren said...

yay shopping, I'm going shopping when I get home, at least for new bras, maybe a new top or two for Paris and a pair of shorts for the cruise, or maybe just a wraparound skirt. I dunno.

Christine said...

I have a nintendo ds as well - I bought it just because - not sure why actually. I went thru a whole Mario thing for a while. Take care of yourself!

Foodfairy said...

It seems there are quite a few compulsive spender-compulsive eater combinations walking around...not that i'm admitting to being one (she says with a guilty look on her face) good work with the healthy pasta bake.

Grumpy Chair said...

I'm glad you had a great shopping experience. Never beat yourself up for buying clothes - they are essentials - especially for your new job. And the Nintendo DS - you gotta have entertainment? Right. (P.S. - son has Gamecube and I love playing Paper Mario when he is at school!).

Your pasta dish sounds delish.