Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A long, hard, hungry day

Fortunately (well, for lack of a better word I suppose) the long and hard portion of the day were more work related than food. I worked a longer shift then I usually do because I've got Thursday off (shopping! friends I have seem since university!), and we were very short staffed which really didn't help. The hungry was because I woke up late so missed breakfast, got to work and realised I'd left my purse on the counter so no lunch.

Stomach: Feeeeeeddd meeeeee
Me: *drowns sound out with cups of water*

I finished work at 9 and ate when I got home. I'd actually given myself 'permission' to have a dessert given that I'd not been able to eat in the day so my calories were pretty low (err, read: nil) but after I'd eaten my meal I was full so I left it. If I'm going to have a 350 calorie bit of chocolate cheesecake then I want to really want it, not just force it down, even if my calories have been low.

Not to say I may not enjoy it later ;)

I came in to my room tonight and had a small heart attack when I went to turn on the tap and realised there was a fairly sizable spider perched on top of the tap. I screamed just a little. It waved at me. Well, it did that quick little shuffle thing with one leg that I'm sure they know really freaks me out then turned around (prompting me to give another screech and back up). Our little showdown ended when I heard my dad come through the front door and we mounted a joint attack (or rather, dad knocked it into the sink and drowned it with my scalding hot tap while I whimpered from a distance).


Tamera said...

OMG! I am so with you on the spider thing. There was one sprawled around an entire roll of bathroom tissue, that dad had to kill for mom, followed by my scream at the giant creature from hell sprawled across my pillow 1 hour later. Creepy hell spawn!

Têtue said...

I love it when spiders make it easy for you to kill them by hanging out in the sink or bathtub! I do the same thing: scalding hot water and wheeeee! down the waterslide to hell.

I don't know how you skipped breakfast AND lunch! I'm STARVING in the morning! I could do to skip a few meals, though. ;)

Christine said...

Ahh - cheesecake. Thats a sure weakness for me too!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I don't mind itty bitty spiders, or those daddy longlegs. The ones that look armored and hairy, okay, THOSE send me screaming. :P

And anything gross like caterpillars and grasshoppers practically make me hysterical. This is why God created boyfriends and husbands. To stand between us and MONSTER!!! heh.


Lauren said...

You never fail to make me smile.

Zanitta said...

This was a big hairy one Mir. It was wearing tiny doc martens to make itself extra tough. I wouldn't usually skip meals tetue, the late wake up meant that breakfast had to be turned into lunch, but then the lack of money meant I couldn't get any, so it was just a mistake, I was very hungry.

Têtue said...

On the topic of boyfriends/husbands killing spiders, I had a roommate who used to make ME kill the spiders. I would usually just slurp them up into the dustbuster, but I was still a little resentful. Killing spiders is boys' work, so what does that say about me? HMPH!

Iain said...

That poor spider. Just think of it suffering as the great human screams at it! I remember being in a café in Scotland with a friend who felt that I needed to hear a running commentary on a spider slowly demolishing a wasp as we ate our apple pie and cream. Perhaps spiders really want to be man's best friend.


Sarah said...

Spiders are bit freaky, yes. But, in my opinion, a cockroach would have been worse. I'm completely terrified of them! I would have screamed, cried, and ran out of the room screaming like it was brandishing a knife and, muttering disguesting curse words at me! On the other hand, I would die of starvation if I'd missed lunch!