Monday, June 11, 2007

Today I:

Slept in, cleaned my room (something that was well overdue), did my laundry, stripped my bed, went out for a carvery dinner, watched Ocean's Thirteen, watched some really good looking previews before Ocean's Thirteen (Stardust! Shrek the Third! Transformers! Fantastic Four 2! I never want to type a=href"" ever again!), came home and played on my laptop.

What more could you ask of a Sunday?

In case anyone is wondering, a carvery is a bit like a hot buffet but for a roast dinner, they have an area set up with two or three joints of meat and a person carving, then you help yourself to trimmings (looks a bit like this). I tried to make some good choices, took a spoonful of peas, a spoon of sweetcorn, half a spoon of carrots, half of roasted onion, and a little cauliflower cheese to go with the turkey and one little slice of beef I had picked as my meat. The only slightly unwise decision was the small yorkshire pudding I had with my meat and two teeny weeny roast potatoes. Considering it was the only meal I had today, and I mainly filled up on white meat and veg, I'm not sorry about any of it. It was luvverly. I also stepped on the scale today and it's still heading in the right direction, so all in all my day could have been much worse.

So, what made you happy today? Let me know! If nothing, then why? What can you do to change that tomorrow?


Lauren said...

I am so happy that they seem to finally be installing the air conditioners, which means there is a good chance I might be able to sleep tonight. whoot whoot.

FatBlokeThin said...

A walk in the hot sun with the dog, white wine and good company for lunch, Lewis Hamilton and plans made a summer visit to Kew Gardens (oh and Lee won JOSEPH! - not that I care obviously)....

Weight is static for a few days but today is a new day!


Christine said...

Gosh, I would have had the same meal as you - plus I would have gone back for a full plate of yorkshire puddings. Take care.

***CCC*** said...

What's yummier...dinner?

Or the cast of Ocean's Thirteen?

Clooney, Pitt, Damon.


Glad you had a nice weekend!