Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Challenge WI 1 - The Beginning

It's Tuesday here in oh so (damned) sunny Matsusaka, which means that it's time for my first Challenge weigh in! Survey says: 101.4 kg (223.08lbs).

So. You all signed up for the challenge right? Right?

Today being Tuesday also means that I eat out for lunch and dinner. Lunch is no problem, a sandwich and a yogurt, but dinner will be had in a restaurant before class so wish me luck in making good choices.

(Edited to add goals)

I didn't realise I was supposed to add my goals for this challenge into my first post. Hmm, I had originally just seen this as a way to keep myself on track so I hadn't considered any solid outcome. The problem with having a set goal is the possibility of failing, but then if I never do anything because I'm scared to fail...

Okay, let's call my goal getting under 200lbs. I think that's completely doable in 4 months and not only would it make me tremendously happy, I would also be at the lowest weight of my adult life. Come to think of it I would be the lowest weight of quite a portion of my teenage life too.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

I sent Beth email earlier today, but I haven't heard back. And I"m not on the blogroll. Hmmm.

Mir, The Princess

Tully said...

Good luck with the challenge. You are going to blast 200 pounds out the ball park on this challenge!!!

I am not int the challenge, but I will totally be doing this alongside you. I know we can do this!!!

ValleyGirl said...

Welcome to another challenge!! One thing I'm discovering is extremely successful and much easier to stick with is tiny goals. Like, the things I'm planning on changing that will result in weight loss. Rather than having a goal 4 months down the road to weigh less, set daily goals for yourself like 30 minutes of exercise, fruits and veggies before the rest of the meal, fibre, etc. I find it's a lot less intimidating than staring 20 lbs in the face and I'm less likely to give up.


Southern Girl said...

Welcome to the Challenge! I did the last one and I'm on board for the next one, too. I'm looking forward to it!

Your goal is totally doable, and it's not an overwhelming goal, which is good. A lot of people set too big of one and then they get discouraged and quit if they don't meet it.

Good luck making good choices tonight at supper!

Grumpy Chair said...

I'll be rooting for you Zanitta!!!

Mama Bear June said...

Welcome to the challenge! I have to tell you, making specific goals will really make a difference for you. Make the big goals, and then make small ones so you keep on track each week. It really helps!

A couple of us named "under 200lbs" as ONDERLAND. ;-D I'm REALLY close!
Path to Health

Crooked Eyebrow said...

I can't wait to get "under 200". So glad you're doing the challenge! Good luck this week!