Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fighting tooth and claw

I've had a couple of good days (a rarity for me nowadays), but I've had to work damn hard to keep them that way. I've had to go back to basics and just clear the house of anything I shouldn't eat because it seems the force is not with me when it comes to resisting cravings. Let's focus on the good though.

That feeling that I'm falling, that I'm failing, is starting to dissipate. This weekend not only did I eat well, I averted the Jehovah's Witnesses (nicely, no goats were sacrificed in my bid to escape) which means I don't have to spend the next 2 years thinking of excuses to refuse their invitations, I cleaned my apartment properly (I don't care if I didn't want them here, if people are coming to my place it's going to be clean), I started making kanji flashcards to help me learn more Japanese, and I found the listings for upcoming Japanese dramas in English so I can start planning for the next TV season.

I stepped on the scale briefly today and it was down to 102.4. I have come to the conclusion that I hate working in kilos. It doesn't feel like I'm achieving as much even when I am and adding kilos to my weigh-in sidebar has screwed up the layout. I suppose I could just convert it to pounds but it doesn't give the same buzz you know? I think I'm going to take the kilo measurement off the stats but I have this faint suspicion that I will lose (or rather gain) something in the conversion.


Lauren said...

Good for you pookie, great job.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

That's 225.3 pounds. That's a loss from your last sidebar weigh-in. LOG IT. LOG IT! :)

I'm like you. If it's in the house, when cravings hit: I eat. So, I've already tossed some of hubby's stuff and said, "I can't have this here." He boxed it and took it out of my sight, I'm not asking where.

It's one of Gullo's strategies "box it out." If we can't control the cravings when they hit, then we have to control the presence of the craving food. Box it out of the house, out of sight. Yep.

The Princess