Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm being followed by a Jehovah’s witness

She came up and introduced herself when I was packing my bag in Okuwa the other day. A first I thought I had either met her before or she was a friend of my pred, as I couldn't account for her being so happy to see me. Turns out that no, she's a Jehovah’s witness and wants to visit. Religion not really being my bag I smile, give a vague answer when she asks if I live close, and say my goodbyes.

Today I'm walking home from school and she's walking with a friend and flags me down. I don't really want to talk to her so I smile, say hello and keep walking. They start to walk with me. We chat until I get home and I say 'sorry I have to go' and she says 'We want to visit you, Wednesday OK?'. I tell her I'm busy Wednesday night with English club (lie). At this point she's already asked me 'what god I have' and I've told her I don't believe in God. It seems to have made her and her friend more determined and they gave me some literature to read. The long and short of this is that they have refused to get the hint and are now coming to my house Saturday afternoon. Gah! I can't get rid of them! It seems the first one is local enough that I'm pretty much guaranteed to bump into her again (let's face it, I don't exactly blend in with the crowd) and they now know where I live.

This day sucks so hard.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Just be upfront and say, "Look, really, I am not interested. Please do not come by again to push the religion, and please let your Kingdom Hall know not to send anyone around to convert me. thanks." :)

I am religious, but not JW, and I actually spent a few years with weekly "sit on the porch and talk Bible" visits with on JW girl. She was pleasant. The talks were interesting. Neither convinced the other, but hey, it was civil, ya know?

But then her family got involved, and it was a "gang up thing", and then I made some very good apologetical points that made them confused, and they got mad, yelled, and I basically revoked all invitations.

When I moved to this neighborhood, I was getting the weekly hits again. I politely asked them not to drop by, that I already was secure in my own faith, and I'd like them to respect that. That didn't work so, I took a new tactic:

When they came to the door, I raised my arms in the air and just prayed out loud that God would open their eyes to the truth. (I figured it would freak them a bit. And it did.)

That did it. Ain't been back but once in the last year.

Your tactics would be a nice firm no in a nice firm voice that says, "I mean it" without being, you know, mean.Just insistent. I've heard that Japanese culture considers an outright "no" rude, but, hey, maybe that willd o the trick.

Praying Princess Mir

Grumpy Chair said...

On Saturday, make plans to leave when they ring/knock on the door. Open up the door, DO NOT INVITE THEM IN, say "I'm sorry, put I have other plans today". Even better use the above Princess script. And lock your door and walk away (Go shopping or to the library).

The same little old ladies come through my neighborhood every few months. I used to hide from them when they rang to door - pretend I wasn't home, but now I just don't answer the door, even if they can see me through the window.

Christine said...

I am really sorry - I have to snicker. That's a tough one. Don't let her in - she will never leave you alone once she crosses that line. Good luck.

honib1 said...

When we moved into our new neighborhood.. a baptist church was visiting and they came to our door. They started witnessing to me.. and I politely explained I was Jewish and pointed to the mezzuzah on my door. BOY THAT LIT THEM ON FIRE.. the man of the group told me I was going to burn in hell for being jewish basically. and that I should really consider my religion. I politely told him..this is my faith .. this is what I believe.. and that is it.. end of conversation. As he and his group where walking away. He looked back at me with almost an evil look and said I better rethink things.. well.. the only thing I wanted to rethink was why I answered my door in the first place and why I was so polite and why didnt I get the name of their church so I could POLITELY tell the pastor that his method of teaching his flock to prosthytise was very rude.. To me the world is about respecting others choices as long as they pose no harm to others . I would nip in the bud my friend and either not be at your house.. or tell them firmly that you have your own beliefs and have no desire to learn or participate in theirs.. end of conversation!

Amy said...

there's just no choice, you're going to have to sacrifice a goat at the door and be done with it.