Monday, September 03, 2007

In which the author DOES repent.

I don't know how I get blindsided by this every time, but my little monthly visitor has come back to see me.

Maybe that's the reason one of the reasons I weighed in so heavy yesterday? Or is my wishful thinking progressing into full out delusions?

I couldn't stop eating yesterday. Given my little friend has come to stay I can now understand why, but seriously, if I ever eat anything fried ever again you have my permission to find a humane way to kill me. I was feeling sick you guys, no joke.

When I ran out of food and caught myself eyeing up the rice-like styrofoam packaging on my table I knew it was well past time to drink some water and go to bed.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

I used to really like knowing when my period was due, cause when I started getting those raging cravings for fatty fried salty things followed by creamy sweet, then salty, then sweet, all I had to do was look at the calendar and know what was what.

Now, with an inconstant perimenopausal menses, I have no idea if I'm craving something as a prelude or it's just my bad desires getting the best of me.

Regularity is a blessing.

Just think: It will pass.



Christine said...

You know what - when I had my monthly visitor I went insane!! I ate everything in site - I could not control myself. I knew it wasn't good - but I just kept going and eating.

It is to blame for sure. :) Take care.