Monday, September 10, 2007

It'll be all white on the night

September 10th and my scale still isn't budging. Last night I finally said 'fuck it' and hit the pastry counter of my supermarket. An hour later I was not feeling good. Also, my focus on the delicious pastry treat caused me to forget the toilet paper that I actually made the trip to the supermarket for, so now I'm on rationed peeing until I can go again tonight.

I am justly punished.

I have my suspicions that the lack of movement may be caused by the fact that (binge non withstanding) a large portion of my daily food now consists of white rice. They have it with pretty much every meal here, and it's so easy that I just stick it in the rice cooker when I get in and I'm sorted.

It's not technically bad for me I suppose, but I'll be interested to see if I notice any difference in the numbers if I cut it down a bit. I think the switch to a very carb heavy intake has screwed me around a bit.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Do they ever serve brown rice over there? Curious.

Can you buy brown instead of white?

Anyway, if it's not budging, it's not going UP. In my book, holding is still a victory over gaining. Right?

Nice to see you posting again. Missed ya.

The Princess Mir

Christine said...

I love my rice cooker as well.

Would you like me to pop a roll of toilet paper in the mail? It could be there by Wednesday?? LOL.

take care.

Grumpy Chair said...

You might be holding on to a little bit of water weight because of the rice.

I agree with The Princess Mir, if it ain't going up - you aren't doing anything wrong.

When I was young and single (in my 20's) I was so bad about keeping toilet paper around in my apartment. 20 years later, I keep bunches and bunches on hand. I love toilet paper!!!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Oh, that is so funny. I'm like Grumpy. I keep huge multipacks of toilet paper. And at least 2 dozen paper towel rolls (VIVA). If I see the paper inventory going down, it's off to TARGET.

It's like a security blanket. Must have my paper products.

The Princess (Mir)