Sunday, September 23, 2007

I've obviously been slipped some happy pills

I've just had a great day. No, seriously, great. Considering how the day went I probably shouldn't be so happy about it, but I just had a fun time. I woke up this morning to see a loss (finally!), and then went and ruined it by eating a burger, fries, and chocolate cake for lunch.

Except I didn't ruin it. The burger/fries/cake combo was definitely not on the agenda when I woke up, but my friend wanted to take me to a Japanese burger place (Mos Burger) so off we went. The great thing about going to Mos instead of an American chain? Japanese food portions. Speaking realistically I had what the US would consider a kids portion. Also, they don't automatically salt their fries so I didn't take a huge step back after yesterday. I didn't compound the problem by deciding to just eat whatever today and start again tomorrow, and when I got home I wasn't hungry so I've had no dinner. I'm drinking water. So yeah, ate something bad for me. Jeans didn't automatically pop its buttons, world didn't stop spinning on it's axis, The End is not nigh.

We went to an amusement arcade after we had visited Futami shrine and got some pictures from a super advanced Japanese picture booth. You know the kind, go in with a friend and they'll put your picture on stickers with different backgrounds? Except this one let us choose 6 pictures and then go to another booth to graffiti them on a computer screen. If I get my hands on a scanner at any point I'll put them up. I usually hate all pictures of me, but today was like I could do no wrong. My friend got a nice one of us both but she hasn't had a chance to email it to me yet so I can't put it up for you just yet.

It's absurd, I just feel so... buoyant. It may not last, but it's just so good for now to look at me and think, even though I'm technically not at my low weight, even though I've got a long way to go, even though this feeling may not last past today, I love just being me.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

And why shouldn't you love being you. YOu're great!

Man, your day sounds fun, burger, sightseeing, photos and all. (I hate taking photos, but I'd get in that booth.)

Yeah, we definitely have portion out-of-control madness here in the US. Sigh.

The Princess

Lauren said...

Yay, woo hoo, keep it up.

Tully said...

Thanks for checking up on me, it means a lot!

First congrats on the loss- great work!

Glad to hear you are feeling so good. Sounds like you had a great day. I'm glad you don't feel bad about the burger and fries because why should you?! You are entitled to have a nice lunch with a friend, you shouldn't have to watch everything you eat. Nothing wrong with enjoying a treat!

I can't wait to see the photos!!!