Saturday, September 01, 2007

August WI

I lost a piffling amount this month, but that wasn't entirely unexpected. I actually got down to 100.8kg at one point after I arrived but it didn't stick. Given all the stuff I've been eating I'm not surprised. Let's call this month a new beginning shall we?

My clothes are fitting a little better, I think the walk to/from school everyday had definitely helped in that department.

I am currently hanging new curtains and trying to redecorate a little bit to try and make the hovel look a little less 'student flat'. Must dash!


Once Upon A Dieter said...

You watch. All that walking will help oodles. When I was active, I wasn't this huge. I got sedentary and POOF, big tub o' lard.

I remember living in NYC and having to walk EVERYWHERE. Here, in Miami, you DRIVE everywhere. In the summer, it's too hot to be out there. And nothing is walking distance. It's planned for driving. Not good for the heart, that.

I think that you DID NOT gain is a huge success. Change is stressful, even if it's welcome. And you're getting used to new foods. And fruit and stuff is expensive, so you gotta manage other ways to get your sweet sensations. (Like green tea ice cream hahahah).

But I'm amazed you didn't gain, really, and even lost a smidge. That's a thumbs up.

'Yes. New Beginning. I like that.

You must be missing your family and friends at home, huh? :(


Christie said...

I agree - the fact that you didn't gain is amazing. With all the food you were talking about, I was worried! LOL. I think you're doing things just right and next month will be great for you!!!

Tully said...

A loss for the month is still good!

I agree with starting a fresh this month! You are so close to getting under 100 kilos!