Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This is Bangkok calling

I'm going to Bangkok for New Year! Originally I wanted to go home, but prices will be quite high and I just can't face the 14 hour flight coupled with the inevitable bitch of a jet lag. My friend wanted to try Thailand and had some really cheap rooms available. It's only a short flight so the prices aren't too high (even though they spike a little that close to holidays) and I get to try a new country! I want to visit more of Asia while I'm here, it's too expensive to do from the UK but really cheap from Japan! With the public holidays around that time it means that if we leave the 23rd then I only have to take 4 days of my nenkyuu (vacation time - I get 20 a year) and then fly back on the 1st.

Start the year as you intend to continue I suppose, remembering that all a good life requires is a passport and a corkscrew.

I'm hoping the new challenge will mean that I have managed to either get close to or under 200 before I go. I have a new digital camera and would love some pictures of me that I actually like to surprise my family with. I flirted briefly with 205 a couple of years ago but his divorce didn't come through, so we parted ways. I'm hoping this new thing will work out better...


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Oooh, you daring world traveler you. I expect some great Thailand pics, so get that camera in shape. :D

The Princess