Thursday, September 20, 2007

To answer my own question...

Why isn't the scale moving? Because of the stupid, delicious Japanese food, that's why! Tonight I plan to make this:

This is マボドフ (mabodofu), it's a kind of spicy tofu dish with minced pork. Recipezaar has a listing for it here, though I will be taking the lazy route and making it from a packet sauce as I have flower arranging club tonight.

I am looking forward to it.

Edit: OMFG, it was nice. Like a party in my mouth. I'm happy because I've been trying to find ways to enjoy tofu as I find I don't like the taste as much plain, this will definitely be made again


Tully said...

Oh yum, looks like I have some great food to look forward to when I visit Japan!!! My diet might have to go on hold for a couple of weeks...

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I actually like tofu--the firm textured one--because it picks up the sauce tastes so nicely in dishes and soups. Problem is, I have hypothyroidism due to Hashimotos's , so "m NOT supposed to eat it. I still do sometimes. And sometimes still eat bars with soy protein. Bad Princess.

But I love it in stir fry with veggies and those thin, thin noodles and with Thai Volcano sauce. I also think it is nice to add protien to a non-meat soup like gazpacho. Wish I could eat it without guilt or repercussions, cause I have several vegetarian days (I'd rather not eat meat many days), and that would make it easy.

I'm glad you're adding to your culinary repertoire. :)

The Princess

OH, and I haven't seen the third season of the new Who yet, but I went to YouTube to check out "Blink", and man...that clip with the angels and the Doc saying Don't Blink is terrifying!