Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Worker Bees

The school is abuzz with preparations for the school festival; predictions of a typhoon be dammed! There are a small army of students painting enormous banners and shoving food tickets for me to buy at every corner. They've got quite a racket going. Of course, all this excitement means no classes for me! It will change next week I think, but until then I will enjoy the freedom.

I went to the flower arranging club for the first time and they told me I should put a little display in with them at their stall. I was all 'Seriously? Did you see my arrangement?' but they remained determined so I am coming in early to make one with them.

I may have an IP phone waiting to be picked up. I will run home and negotiate with my post office vocab to see if we can hep each other out. If we come to an arrangement I will be Skype bound.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

A flower arranging class. That sounds LIKE SUCH FUN! Oooh.

You cracked me up about the, "have you seen my arrangement?" haha.

Well, I hope there is no typhoon badness. I'm still praying like mad for a calmer hurricane season. Two category fives is scary. I've already donated to hurricane relief for Dean, and it looks like a second donation is in order for Felix. Egads.

Happy Wednesday!
The princess