Monday, October 01, 2007

No news is good news?

Sadly no, because when I start avoiding my blog it's a sure sign that things aren't going well.

There have been several cookie/chocolate incidents in the last few days. One full out binge night before last, one lesser one last night. During the day I've been absolutely fine and have eaten really well, but the night... the cruel, cruel night.

The upshot of this is that I now weigh 101.4 again. This is good and bad points because it means that even though I've gained I haven't gone above my challenge start weight, so maybe if I manage to be careful this weekend I'll be able to get back to 100.6? It would be nice not to post a gain on Wednesday. On the other hand, with September now being over (-4 lbs), it makes 5 months I've been swanning back and forth through the 220's. 5 months! It's fairly depressing to see how little I've achieved.


Amy said...

dude, you've achieved a lot. tons. acres. miles and miles of achievement. every day you wake up and do something good for yourself you're achieving something. string those days together and you change your life.

Christine said...

Well today is a new day - today is the beginning of a new month. Time to kick some butt.

Grumpy Chair said...

You gotta look at the over all picture. You weigh less today then you did last year (right?).

What caused the binge? Hormones, sadness, loneliness?

Today I did a big no-no - I bought Halloween candy . . . on the 1st! Halloween isn't until the 31st.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Wow. We must be dietetically-psychically linked. I had a BAD NIGHT. I was guilt-ridden for about an hour, then said, "Hey, I fell down. BAck up. Onwards."

Happens. As Our Lady Of Weight Loss benevolently says:

"All is forgiven. Move on."

{{{Zanitta and all of Us Who Made Oopsies in the Eatsies}}}

The Princess<--all spanking clean with forgiveness and drank her veggie juice today as penance ; )

Lauren said...

oh pookie, you are doing awesome.

groovybabe said...

dont let it get the better of you. I've learned the hard way that you just have to persevere. If you dont see the results you want just keep watching what you eat and exercising and eventually you will see a decrease.

This probably isnt the best thing in the world to do health wise but I reduced my calories significantly for a couple of days when I wasnt losing and it forced the scales to move. It wasnt something I set out to do, it was a reaction to stress in other areas of my life, but it really worked.

Good luck and keep plodding along.