Saturday, October 20, 2007


I have yet to decide if this addition is a good or bad thing, but when I get closer to my goal I will probably be happy that I have photographic evidence.


Alea said...

Definitely a good thing! I love to know whose words I'm reading! :)

I understand your concerns though. It took me a long time until I was brave enough to put photos in my blog - and up to now I haven't shown the really bad ones...

I'm already looking forward to following your journey and seeing more progress pictures!

Scale Junkie said...

Its a good thing. I'm taking progress pictures along the way and when I get to goal, I plan on putting myself in front of that camera as much as I can for the first time in my life.

Anonymous said...

I've been camera shy since, well, I dunno, age 10 or so, but that's when I started to become a bit agoraphobic in general. Something made me more reclusive around that age.

I didn't even allow a photographer at my wedding, and I was only like 155 lbs then. I only have the random snapshots my BIL tood that day. (Boy, did my mom and I go back and forth, she wanting a photog, me not.)

So, it's really hard for me to take a pic now, that I'm big as a barn, when I didn't like taking them when I was 135 lbs in high school. I just never felt photogenic/cute, so I shunned cameras.

Ironically, I love seeing the pics of my blog pals, cause it makes y'all REAL. :)

The Princess

Tully said...

Yeah it took me a while to put pictures on my blog, but I started to feel like I was holding out on people who read my blog. It is your blog though, your decision. It will be a great way to look back on how far you have come though.