Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sometimes you've got to let the house fall

This a post I was hoping I wouldn't have to write.

'I did it. I'm not proud, and a little sick, but I did it'

I've been eating myself to near sickness for the last few days. I had a lot of fragments of posts floating around my head, wanting to write something invigorating and poignant to show that I get the Big Picture.

But no. Instead I'm looking through my posts from the last few days about how it's all just a moment, just a moment and that's all, and I feel a bit of a fraud.


Christine said...

It's really hard - if anyone is going to tell you different - they are lying. Every day I wake up I have to convince myself to make the best decisions. Sometimes I look at myself and wonder why I am doing this?? I like to eat. Why am I not just eating whatever I want? Tough.

One day at a time. I get really frustrated thinking long term. I keep a food journal for one day at a time.

You take care.

CurvyJones - said...

You'd only be a fraud if you were inhuman. No time for wallowing in self pity. Can't un-eat it, so let's move forward. These times are going to come up... it's what you do after that matters.