Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Things that break my brain: #3854275628

I didn't realise until I got to work, but in my rush to leave the house this morning (I woke up late again - bad teacher, no treat) I stupidly left my laptop power cable still plugged into the wall at home. It left me no recourse but to ration my computer time to conserve battery life, and (somewhat begrudgingly) embrace productivity and mark my books. Thankfully it's now lunch time, so I've allowed myself a shot of sweet, sweet cyberspace to return the sanity that abandoned me 40 essays in.

Lunch today consists of ham and cream cheese sandwiches on wholemeal bread, accompanied by a tuna salad (no mayo) and a strawberry yogurt, with a bottle of water. As far as konbini selections go (oh the tempting chocolate cream puffs and deep fried gyoza!) it could have been far worse.

Continuing with the 'let's break the authors will to live' theme, I just went upstairs to get something from the Language Lab, and saw a cockroach so big it should have been wearing a uniform and taking it's exams. I crept away, not wanting to make any sudden moves lest it panic and start flying.


Christie said...

hahaha don't you hate it when you are forced to be productive :)

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Could that have been larger than the monstrous roachy things we have in Florida, neatly called "Palmetto Bugs" as if they're relaxing under some palm tree. No, they're leftovers from the dinosaur era is what they are. Mutant huge roaches!

And they fly!!!!

I remember when we first moved here. Those suckers were almost enough to send me running back to the moderately sized roaches of NYC.

I hate bugs.

I love gyoza, fried or steamed.


The Princess

Grumpy Chair said...

We get those roaches after a wet rainy spell. Ugh. Hate them.