Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dear Scale,

I think you and I need to have a little chat. How are you?

I ask because you seem to be having a few mood swings recently and they're beginning to worry me a little bit. Is it your job? Are you bored of the tedium of day to day life? Is the abuse you're forced to endure getting you down? It's just that we were doing so well earlier this week, the days running hand in hand through a field of wildflowers, the nights nestled under a blanket watching old movies together, do you remember that Scale? Do you?

I'm trying to be here for you, but you have to remember that your actions can hurt people too. The inexplicable gaining of a pound yesterday morning, for example, surprised me. You can't just act out like that and not expect there to be consequences, those outbursts of yours can be hard to forget. I ate a few things I shouldn't have yesterday, but it's really difficult to explain to a classroom of teenagers why you won't join in the English club trick or treating with them without embarrassing yourself, and with your scathing retort still stinging my ears I may have gone further than I should. Still, we could have been grown ups about it. We could have accepted that things happened, apologized to each other, and let things rest there.

What was absolutely unnecessary was that number you spat out at me this morning. It was obscene - there could have been children present! I am aware that I didn't drink my water yesterday, did you really need to throw it back in my face? Does that make you feel big? No, seeing an explainable gain this time does not make it better.

It's obvious to me that we've both made some mistakes, and I'm going to give you today to think about what you've done. In return I agree to drink my water, and eat salad and fruits at some point during work. I'll weigh in tomorrow for the challenge, at which point I hope you will have come to your senses and gone back to the number we agreed on this weekend so that we can put this whole ugly episode behind us.

Love and kisses,



Grumpy Chair said...

Made my day.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Don't blame you for giving the scale ONE chance to behave. After that, you get to dance the Flamenco on it as punishment. BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM!

:) You made me smile.

The Princess

Scale Junkie said...

They are evil little hunks of battery powered glass and metal aren't they!