Friday, November 02, 2007

A hypothetical for you

or: Reasons I don't miss America

I get Hungry Girl alerts sent to my inbox, a throwback to when I lived in Florida. I quite enjoy reading them so I never bothered to cancel when I moved away. In my newsletter today were some nutritional info details from Chili's.

So, say you split an order of the new 'Texas Cheese Fries with JalapeƱo-Ranch Dressing' with a friend. The starter was a little heavy so you follow it with a Chicken Cesar Salad, and then because you've gone out to eat, you treat yourself by sharing a piece of pie for dessert.

Easy to do right?

So you go home knowing that you haven't eaten perfectly but hey, you went to the gym this morning, and you made a pretty good entree choice, and you didn't have a dessert to yourself, so it can't be that bad.

Easy to do right?

So you toddle off to count up your points and are dumbfounded when the total comes up as 2845. Seriously you guys. 2845. You know why?

Because the nutritional stats for the new Texas Fries sharing appetizer (appetizer!) are dire. This is a direct quote from the newslatter:

PER SERVING (1 skillet): 2,070 calories, 160g fat, 3,730mg sodium, 73g carbs, 8g fiber, 85g protein -- POINTS® value 54.

If you follow the rest of my little scene then you add 1010 calories (76g of fat) for the salad, and an stonking 800 calories (39g fat) for just half a piece of chocolate chip pie.


Imagine if you'd just gone for it and shared the appetizer, followed the Cajun Chicken Pasta, and had a Chocolate Molten Cake to yourself? 3805. On one meal. And darlings? There are worse places to eat than Chili's (*coughhackRubyTuesdayscough*).

It's times like this I'm glad we don't have those brands here. And that the family chain restaurants here put calorie counts next to the pictures. It's just so easy to do, you'd never think how many calories could be in these things.

Oh, and if you haven't signed up for the Hungry Girl alerts, do it. They regularly have 'swap-out' recipes to replace the massive calories of those fatty favourites we all know and love.


Duchess of Dork said...

Oh WOW. You know, my friends and I used to go to Ruby Tuesdays all the time, when we were in college. The Buffalo Blue Chicken Burger was like, the best thing ever.

Dude, the thing is like, 1041 calories, and 61 carbs! And that's not including the 359 calorie 62 carb french fries.. the drinks.. the desert.. it's crazy! And to think that eating this way is considered "normal"!

Amy said...

We're not alone, y'all fry candy bars.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Those fries sound super gross.

But I love the chicken fajitas. Please, please, don't tell me that's 2,000 cals, too! (I don't use the cheese, I do ask for the guacamole and extra salsa. MMMm....YUM!)

At Ruby Tuesday's, I always get the salad bar (cause the one in Miami Lakes is yummy). It's a big investment in calories when I use the blue cheese dressing, less so when I use the low-fat. I stay away from the mayonaisse based elements (potato salad, macaroni salad), and load up on veggies. So, really, aside from the salt, I've never actually binged like mad at Ruby T's.

Chili's is another matter. I have eaten those fried appetizers. Oh, man, the buffalo wings and the southwest rolls. YIkes.

And our little Sunshine State must have been a tad brighter when you were here, Z. :)

The Princess

CurvyJones said...

Chili's is not a place I am eating when I am watching my waist... unless I want it to expand!