Thursday, November 29, 2007

My supermarket, an endless source of delight!

I've had a few pictures on my phone that I've been meaning to post so I figured I'd get them all up now.

Have I mentioned the giant fruit? Like, size-of-a-small-child's-head giant fruit? It seems to be the fresh produce of choice here. It's difficult for you to fully appreciate the scope of these gargantuan growths from my crappy cell phone pictures, but I'll try anyhow.

I have quite small hands and a fair size laptop.

This little baby is a sweet potato thing that was brought to a private lesson I teach by one of the students.

It was insanely purple, but tasted like potato and was a little bit... bacon-y? It had kind of a smokey-ness to it anyhow. It confused me a little at first because apparently it's called satsuma, which in England is a small orange/tangerine (called mikan in Japan). Delicious, but disconcerting due to my brain screaming at me that it should taste totally different every time I put a spoon of it in my mouth.

Next up, nothing says Christmas like フライドチキン (fried chicken)!

Actually, some one told me that people tend to eat fried chicken at Christmas here. New Year is the traditional family time, but Christmas was just sort of imported by companies here. KFC make a big deal of it I think? It's become a time to eat order cake and eat chicken with friends/significant others. There's Christmas music in stores and a little section of decorations and things, but I don't think many people really celebrate it though. I don't get time of work for it (well, I do because I booked it off for Thailand, but technically).

Hope every one's Thanksgiving went well (oh you Americans and your practice Christmas!).


Grumpy Chair said...

The purple potato looks like cake frosting! Too bad it doesn't taste like butter-cream.

Since I was in 3rd grade I have loved Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". I have never had plum pudding or Yorkshire pudding or roasted goose, which I associate with Christmas. Here in Texas it's all about the spiral cut ham. Too funny, that Colonial Sanders' chicken is a must for the holiday.

Lauren said...

lol, I've never heard it referred to as practice christmas. I'm glad we'll be in Bangkok so we can avoid the fried chicken.

Fat Grl Slim said...

Yum purple potatoes I miss those! Finally responding to your post on my page, eons ago (sorry!). Yeah I lived in Cambodia for a bit. Traveled extensively in China, spent far too much time on a beach doing nothing in Thailand. Went to Vietnam briefly on a visa run and that is about it. I loved it and would love to go back one of these days!

Oooooh so you are Lauren's Bangkok travel bud! Nice. I love Bangers with a passion. It's the bees knees when it comes to hedonistic unmitigated debauchery. Not that I would know of course...........

Tully said...

Oh I remember the big beautiful fruit. All the fruit in Japan looks perfect, it doesn't looks real. I didn't actually eat any while I was there, I was more tempted by the bakery treats... :-)