Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Panky o tabemasen!

I understand chocolate flavoured bread. Not all chocolate bread, the white sliced loaves with chocolate swirls that seem readily available here don't really appeal to me, but I get it as a concept. A chocolate croissant is delicious, a thing of beauty, and (did it not contain enough calories to make my gut explode) I would include them in my daily diet accompanied with a smug sense of self satisfaction.

In which case I'm not sure why the latest item on my 'Japan eats what?!?' list disturbs me so much, but it does. Because come on Japan:

Bread flavoured chocolate. Really Japan? Really?

It's not a new thing either I don't think, or rather, it's been here since I have (which admittedly isn't the longest time ever). For some reason switching it around like that unsettles me just a little. Enough that not even the advert with the lovely Mao Inoue and the scary monkey can completely sell me on it.

For those of you who are curious,'tabe' is the stem of the Japanese verb 'to eat', and 'masen' is the present/future negative form, basically meaning 'I will not eat'. I may go back through my posts and label the delicious things 'tabemasu' (I will eat). I have a feeling that if I look closely there will be a few too many things I have eaten. Hehe.


Dominique said...

:heart: Your blog SO reminds me of 1st year Japanese.

Genki desuka? Thaaaaaat's about all I remember. :D


~ curvyjones

Lauren said...

that is very very wierd. I should start doing that. I'll start with the cabbage that is pickled with garlic and red pepper and then left to ferment. oh yeah, they call it Kim CHI

Me said...

I've had my run-ins with the Japanese kimchi here. In the korean food place in the mall there's a dish with it in that'squite nice (called... bimbabo? something like that?), but there was that 'broth' incident.