Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stomach says: MWAARRGH

Oh, things have not been good at Chez Me.

The scale was banished to the naughty corner last Thursday and hasn't seen the light of day since. This may be a sign that I'm not yet ready for children. I haven't weighed myself since, and I toying with the idea of just not weighing in tomorrow and abandoning the challenge. I'm not sure if that way lies madness or salvation. Yes I know that people swear by throwing out the devil's metal and glass plaything, but I've never been one of them. Ever.

On one hand I want to know what I weigh (and what damage I've wreaked, why is it that it takes weeks and weeks to lose a certain amount of weight but only a week to gain it? I'm calling bullshit right now), and on the other I do not at all.

It's a conundrum. I'm working on it.

Damn I want me some bakery. I am thisclose to just walking to the supermarket already.


Jan B said...

Have a donut then. But have one and have it with water. Enjoy the hell out of it, but when it's done, it's done. Don't take any extras with you. That's what I do. I had cherry crumble yesterday, but I had a bit, and then I poured water on the rest of the batch because I knew I couldn't resist. It went down the garbage disposal. Maybe that's a waste, but at least it's not on my waist!

ValleyGirl said...

I understand where you're coming from TOTALLY. There are a lot of times when I really loathe my scale and just avoid it, but those are usually times when I'm rebelliously not caring about myself. I WANT to care about myself, but it's SO STINKIN' HARD to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle after so many years of REALLY bad eating and exercise habits.

So how far is this bakery of yours? Is it a good brisk walk? Take the long way, treat yourself to something yummy today, and then refocus.

Grumpy Chair said...

I agree with everyone else. Have your treat. But only one and get something you really, really like and savor it.

One day, two days or even a week of bad eating will not do too much damage. Don't quit your challenge. The next meal you can always start over.

honib1 said...

all i can say is that I stayed off the scale.. and started losing again because I quit obsessing.. but thats me..

Lauren said...

so aren't ready to have children? And I had to hear about it here...that's just wrong. lol.

Princess Dieter said...

Don't give up, babe. I'm in a frustrating place myslef. Maintaining for a month. I know it's that I need to recommit, but I'd rather struggle to maintain than REGAIN.

So, yes. Get on the scale, and tell yourself, 'I'm just maintaining." Don't focus on losing, just hanging on until you get a new wind.

A new wind will come. I'm waiting for mine, cause I can't focus on more than one priority at a time, and right now, the priority shifted to something other than weight loss. It's hard.

Always will be.

Don't give up, please.

When I stop weighing in, I usually start regaining. Just getting on there might make the difference between regaining, holding on, or losing.


The Princess

Tully said...

MMMM those bakeries are good in Japan, so I understand why you are craving!

How are you feeling his week? Don't take what the scales say to heart, there is more to you then a number on a scale! :-)