Sunday, December 09, 2007

Back in the Saddle

A couple of months ago I bought a little digital scale with the intention of doing something vaguely productive when it comes to my portion sizes. Turns out they don't work by osmosis. Come to think of it that may be why I'm not learning Japanese, despite the number of books on the subject I have in my apartment.

So today I finally cracked them open and started, you know, weighing stuff. I recently added a 'food of the day' tab to my sidebar to help keep me going, so I think I will start adding my measurements to that and see if it makes a difference. You see, I work on the somewhat flawed theory that portion size doesn't matter if I'm 'filling up on vegetables', and to give myself credit, for a while it didn't. It was better to eat more vegetables and not be hungry. Now though, I think it does. I think it might be making the difference between maintaining and losing.

Of course, I could just start exercising, but damn if you think I'm going to break my hatred for it that easily. I have some enforced exercise during the week (I walk 20 minutes to school and 20 minutes back with my laptop and textbooks on my back) and that's the way I intend to keep it until I get to a point where I have no other choice.


weightlossguru said...

i am seriously impressed that you are weighing (almost) everything before you eat it... what dedication to the effort! But doesn't it become apparent after a while that a lump of something weighs roughly this and a splodge of something else weighs roughly that... and don't you think it may cease as a habit eventually - i mean - i don't want to diss your wonderful 'state of change' but Is It Really Worth It? when there are other habits that are much more - shall i say - *vital* to weight loss...? sorry to be so negative - i just can't stand this preoccupation with weighing things! :)

The Princess said...

Walking 40 minutes a day sounds like exercise to me!

Nice to see you again, Z.

And now, maybe I go have some hot cocoa! Heh.

Weighing is a pain, but doing it makes a difference. In my slacking off of late, I have NOT been doing it, and it shows. I have had big portion creep. Can't excuse portions when you have the numbers saying DING DING DING TOO MUCH.


Plus, really, I never estimate things like an ounce of cheese or ham right. I just don't. I tend to underestimate a cup of soup and a cup of rice, but overestimate slices of meat and cheese. Sheesh.

The Princess

Me said...

WLG that is rather negative, and you are kind of dissing. It's true, I could just say it's not worth it and go back to stuffing my face with cookies, but it wouldn't do me any good in the long run. While I can guess approximately, it is much much easier to cheat or overeat if you're not checking. I have rather major portion distortion, and I think this will help. I may drive me crazy after a while, in which case I'll stop, but for now it's what I need. You may hate weighing (and hey, eventually I many hate weighing) but different things work for different people, and just because it doesn't suit you doesn't mean it should be forgone all together. I could have roughly this and that, and I could stay roughly the same weight (as I have been these past months), or I could take control of my portion sizes and I could lose. I'm willing to give that a chance.

I think weighing food might be akin to weighing yourself in the weight loss world, there are different camps, both for and against.

weightlossguru said...

Yep, looks like i've been told off :)

Ok ok, different strokes for different folks and all that. I take it back - if weighing works for you then all power to you!

Personally, I think it's more sustainable to change other habits around eating. Learn how to: eat when you're hungry, eat slowly, focus on your eating (without distractions e.g. TV), and, uber-important: stop eating when you feel full.

Me said...

utterley agree, however, given that I tried that and apparently I suck at it, I'm going to be using my digital scales for now. Actually, rereading that it sounded a bit short, please don't read it that way, it's not intended to be. All I'm saying is that there are lots of different tools out there, and if I'm personally choosing to use this one, then that's up to me isn't it? Everyone has there own way of doing things, I peronally wouldn't do Atkins, but I wouldn't go on someone's blog and say 'personally I feel it's a little more sustainable to eat from all food groups'. I'm sorry if I'm being rude, I know you didn't didn't intend this in either of your posts, but I found both your posts a little patronizing? and it hit a bit of a nerve. I'm not choosing this way through lack of education in others.

weightlossguru said...

Sorry to have hit a nerve... well, am I really? Maybe not - as this is where the best conversations always start non? :) But 'hitting a nerve' not what i intended when i made my first post. I was merely wondering aloud where are you *at* when you start weighing portions?.

You say you wouldn't go on someone's (atkins) blog and say 'personally I feel it's a little more sustainable to eat from all food groups'....? Really? I would!... so we're quite different! ;-)

Let's call a truce - I've cuased you enough distress. Thanks for having this conversation with me.

Grumpy Chair said...

Last Monday, I started weighing my food and using measuring cups and spoons. When I was losing weight, that was one of my habits.

When I stopped, because I decided I could "eyeball" my portions . . . weight gain. I realized, it is best for me to weigh an ounce of almonds then use my best judgement - because I was probably guesstimating and eating 4 ounces instead.

Also, you are doing great with the walking - 20 minutes one way and 20 minutes back. That 10 minutes more than the 30 minutes per day that the AHA recommends.

Tully said...

Gosh I wish I could be stuffed to weigh what I eat, maybe that would help me cut down on my portions.

Glad to hear you are back in the saddle, I always knew you'd be back.

Oh and I hear you with the exercise, it is not my cup of tea either!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Post, sugar, post. :) We need to know how the food weighing is going.

The Princess

Christine said...

Thanks so much for your kind comment. It's been a tough week for me - and its so nice to check my blog and see such caring people. I very much appreciate you sticking with me and keeping an eye on my blog. (((hug)))

Grumpy Chair said...

Hey Zanitta,

How you doing? I hope all is fine and you are off on your trip to Bangkok.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas to you.