Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Afterglow

I have about 5-10 minutes after I finish a workout in which the cold in my apartment cannot touch me. Rosy cheeked, I need not fear the opening of my living room door into the chilled depths of my kitchen beyond.

I've got quite a good routine going at the moment. It's too cold to do anything in the morning except layer up your clothes and whisper a small prayer before you go make breakfast, so I'm doing everything after school now. It seems the trick is to not let myself settle into doing anything first, else once I'm sat down I'll never get up again. I walk home, dump my bag and grab whatever meat/fish I'm going to use out the freezer to thaw. Then I unpack my laptop, do whichever distance I feel like that day and use the left over warmth to propel myself into the shower afterwards. When I get out my meat/fish has usually defrosted (or can be finished with a couple of minutes in the microwave), and warmed from the shower I can make a quick meal. I take it into the living room and shut the door, my own little island of heat for the night ahead.

The only slight fly in the ointment is the fact that all the water I've been drinking has me practically doing laps to the bathroom, and believe me the cold makes you pee fast. It's a skill I'm learning from school actually, as they only heat the staff rooms (the students have to go around with their lap blankets and hang warmer baggies) so everywhere else is mad cold. The bathrooms are positively frozen as the window has to be left open so it doesn't smell, it's not fun but it makes you fast.

In other news, I'm greatly enjoying, it seems to have all the benefits of fitday but without the user interface that makes you want to stab things. You get funky badges too!

Weigh-in tomorrow. I know that technically it won't have been a full week, but I like the alliteration too much to change the day.


Fat Grl Slim said...

OOooooooh I hate when the cold makes you pee!!! My classroom is soooooooooooooooooooooo cold and I end up going to the loo at least 10 times a day if I've had any coffee or tea!

Sigh...just remember those steamy streets of Bangkok. Might warm you up ! How come you guys didn't go to the beach???