Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I decided to delete my short whiny post and replace it with a more verbose whiny post - hurrah!

I have a two day meeting in a nearby city starting from tomorrow. I'll get the train back so I won't be staying overnight, but I'm worried about what will be available to eat for lunch. Japanese food has a way of looking like it would be fine but actually having a gazillion calories, it's tricksy that way. I'm hoping there will be something I can eat, or that the menu with have calories on it (family restaurants do it all over here) so at least I'll know the damage.

My friend is giving me a lift and we're stopping by Starbucks on the way (she's coffee obssessed). Usually that wouldn't be an issue for me at all, but I recently tried their iced chai tea latte and it was amaz-er-ing. Seriously. I'm going to get a tall, it's quite a few calories (compared to, er, water) but I don't go there very often at all, and I will have the calories due to my exercise. I don't usually eat my exercise calories, is that a good or a bad thing do you think?

I got a new badge on dailyplate, five day consecutive logging of exercise, nicey-nice.


LME said...

Howdy! Have been reading you for a few weeks but haven't commented before.

Not sure if it's possible in Japan, but here in the U.S., you can get those chai lattes skim. They still have sugar calories, but using skim instead of whole milk does help knock it down a bit calorie-wise.

Lidian said...

I love those chai lattes too, they are so so good!

I tend to think of my exercise calories as a little back-up in case I need to or want to eat a little more, but I don't count on them.

I love Japanese candy so that's what would get me in big trouble in Japan, even more than main courses (I love a lot of Japanese dishes though so what am I saying?!) All that Pocky etc.

Abba said...

I love Starbucks, but have never enjoyed a chai latte. I usually get coffee with room for cream and sugar. Very good job on getting the new badge. I looked up dailyplate and I did something similar through WW. But it looks like dailyplate is FREE!

Grumpy Chair said...

I was going to say the same thing - try a skinny green tea latte (Hot - 140 calories).

Hope you are able to find something suitable to eat at the catered lunch tomorrow.

Lidian said...

I am just listening to the Fratellis on YouTube - love them! Thank you for letting me know about them - I like Del Amitri too, also from Glasgow...

I like those DailyPlate badges too. Just like the ones on MSN games!