Saturday, January 05, 2008

I Hate Exercise

No, seriously, I hate exercise.

The thing is though, it's kind of important.

Edit: Will wonders never cease? I was dancing around my living room to my iTunes music and thought 'if I want to move so much, why not just try the two mile? so I did! Don't expect these two workout days to come fast and thick here at the Chez Cakehole, but knowing how easily I lose my motivation for such activities I though it best to grab it while I could.

The vast majority of people I read that are successfully losing weight are doing so through food and exercise. I'm not even going to attempt to link them all here because they're such an overwhelming majority, and in the face of such statistics you'd think I would have given up the goat on this particular issue many a moon ago. But no. I don't do absolutely nothing, I walk to school and back, but it's more a forced endeavour because I have to be there. rather than regular exercise. It's also the absolute bare minimum that you could consider exercise, and my body is pretty much used to it so it makes me no real progress.

'Take more some exercise' has always been on my secret internal resolution list, the one that you know you should do but you don't say out loud because then you'd actually have to do it.

I am officially biting the bullet. I need to start actually taking time and doing exercise, rather than counting any sort of forced movement from my computer chair as a valid substitute. I know the key is to find something you enjoy, but in all honesty I don't enjoy any of it, so I'm downgrading that to 'find something that doesn't make you want to stab yourself to avoid it'. I made a 3am impulse buy of the Turbo Jam 5 DVDs from ebay last night (heh, my other resolution was to stop the 3am ebay impulse buys, but I consider this one to be for the greater good. Luckily it was cheap enough that I can justify using some of my Christmas money for it rather than sending it all to my credit card) because someone (Minx? I think? Yes) mentioned how fun it was, and the TV has been playing the Japanese dub of the infomercial here non-stop. I was tempted to wait until it arrived to start The Big Exercise Plan, but I'm always saying how you should just start now with eating regardless of what you've just swallowed so why was I willing to wait with exercise? I dug out my old WATP DVD that I had from my last Great Weight Endeavour and did the one mile. It was only one mile but better that then come here and explain that I was planning to exercise only to not feel like it when the stuff came. And I'll tell you a secret (sshhh! come close)...

It wasn't so bad.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

I hate to exercise more than you. Really. Probably more than most who hate. I hate to sweat. I hate to huff and puff. And I especially hate being sore a day or 36 hours later.

But, this year, I need to move. I'm so sedentary, it's scary. :(

I pray we're both successful at becoming movers and shakers in 2008.

The Unmoving Princess

Christine said...

I have a great DVD on the shelf waiting for me to open it. The Biggest Loser DVD, looks like I should check it out one of these days.

A secret from me? I hate exercise just as much as you.

Poonie said...

You may scowl at this, I'm cringing a little bit myself just thinking it as it sounds so cliche, but you may grow to like exercise if you persevere for a while. Honestly, I never thought I would ever find myself enjoying it but I do now. Some days it still feels like a chore and I have to force myself to do it but sometimes I even look forward to it, and get grumpy when I can't get to the gym. At least there is one guarantee, it always feels great afterwards!

Lidian said...

I find it hard to do the exercise and the eating-right together - one or the other always mentally tires me out! :) I am going to start wearing my pedometer again and aiming for 10,00 steps a day. I like this because it is pretty mindless and you can do it in bits and pieces.

I like those WATP things too - but I listen to my own music while I do it, not to Leslie.

Grumpy Chair said...

Once I am in an exercise groove, it becomes habit. But once out of the groove (currently) it is so hard to get back.

You are doing way better than me right now.

Anonymous said...

Buy a Nintendo WII and challenge other people online. I am a weird mix of a very competitive personality and a very lazy one - which basically means I avoid doing anything in case I'm rubbish at it and it makes me cry! Sports, gyms, someone jogging faster than me in the street... it all ends in tears or me being sued! I also hate to mess up my hair, sweat, pant and anything else related to movement. I'm even lazy at sex, although my boyfriend prefers it when... well, I won't go there, but we've learnt to compromise for the greater good!

But yeah, the WII is just like a computer game, except you have to move a bit... then you get really in to it and end up moving loads without meaning to, just so you can kick arse and beat everyone else! Or you get really angry with the instructor telling you what to do in her patronising 'I'm the skinny, toned computer generated image that you'll never be' voice during the boxing training and start punching her in the head and... my point is, you end up exercising by mistake!

My second tip... eat less pie! Who would have thought it, but the pie a day was actually having a negative effect on my weight loss! Weird huh?