Sunday, January 06, 2008

Good Morning (well, in my part of the world)

I woke up with a feeling around my waist. I say 'feeling' because it's not a soreness or pain, but I'm not used to feeling my muscles when I twist. It's not exactly my waist, but the area between my waist and hip. Apparently the workout(s) yesterday did their job. This is also apparent in my scale reading this morning which showed a 1.2kg loss! Sign from God that this is what my routine has been missing? Possibly. Of course, it could just be a fluke. I'll do a few more this week and see what the final results say.

Every now and again I feel the need for new blood in my links list, not that I'm bored with you dear contributors, but I just want something new in my daily reads. It more often than not leads me to start wading through the links in the 'Simply Losing' section of The Fatfighters Directory. Looking through it last night I was sad to see all the abandoned blogs. Some were relics of resolutions past, dropping off after a few posts in January, some made it up 'til mid-year, most left with the same message 'I've got to take a break as I'm too busy, but don't worry - I'll be back!', never to be seen again.

It made me wonder where all those people are now, if any of them managed to reach their goals. I was also surprised by the fact that their are no pages in the 'new links' section, January is usually prime time for blog fodder. Maybe the web mistress just hasn't updated yet?