Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sweet like Chocolate

I saw a trailer for this movie when I went to the cinema in Bangkok and it looks awesome. As soon as it comes out on dvd it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. I just hope the dvd has English subtitles. Until then I'm going to keep my ear to the interwebs and see if any groups out there are going to fansub it.


Blubba said...

That trailer definitely looks sweet. I definitely don't miss the movie ticket prices, though. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

I completely understand how you feel once the initial JET honeymoon is over. I was stationed in a small rice paddy town of about 3000 (average age of 40+). Definitely a lot of ups and downs, but for me, one of the most rewarding periods of life. Some of my dearest friends are from my time as a JET.

You probably already know about it, but the University of Sheffield offers an on-line course in Japanese (which requires visits to Hiroshima university once or twice a year for exams). That might be a good way to get organized lessons.