Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An old friend

Good news and bad news at casa de Cakehole. The bad (well, not exactly bad, more like 'meh') news is that there will be no official weigh in tomorrow owing to TOM's timely visit this morning. The good news is that despite the arrival I was a kilo down (on my heaviest day!) when I stepped on the scale this morning, which (if I can keep it together this week) bodes very well for my weigh in next time. Here's hoping.

I went to the supermarket during lunch today to grab some more raisins for my cereal, and came across a pack of dried cranberries. I've never eaten them before so I thought I'd give it a try. They had banana chips too but bleurgh, not my thing, I like my bananas fresh but they go brown too quickly here. Also, I am jealous of the Max Value supermarket that we drive to from school. It is way better than the smaller one I get my groceries from. I have market-envy.

Edit: I got home and TurboJam was in an envelope on my mat. I was very excited and put in straight in my laptop. Now, I may need to give it a little more time, but I think I hate it. It makes me feel very stupid. I got to about move five of the learn segment and barely restrained the urge to physically throw my laptop across the room. It's unfortunate. I fast forwarded to the actual workout (I tend to do better when I learn by 'doing' rather than trying to remember what she said for each part, which is why I should give myself more time to get used to it, but I don't want to put it back on) and things didn't improve. I'm very disappointed.


Scale Junkie said...

I love Craisens! I put them on salads, in oatmeal with cinnamon and walnuts, in chicken salad and yes in my cereal too.

As for the Turbo Jam, maybe put it down until after TOM and you're ready to give it a fresh look? I struggle with most things like that because I'm so uncoordinated.